Charity of the Month

Our mission at Roseabella is to make a lasting impact and a difference in the lives of others.
We want to use this platform we've built to continue to serve others.

Each month, we select a charity or organization to represent and we donate $1 for each piece sold throughout the month to that charity.

To date, we've raised a combined total of $11,983 for our charities!

Our September Charity of the Month is Blessing Lives

We are mixing things up and doing something special this month.

I will be following my intuition and blessing lives. Times are tough for many, and so many people in our community work tirelessly to provide for their families.

This will be a large blessing (as I will only be selecting 2-3 people).

My hope is this gives them faith in all that is good in the world, while also alleviating the financial strain they may feel at home.

Imagine someone blessing you with $500-$1,000.
This is the feeling I want to give to people I am called to in our local community.

I am honored to have Blessing Lives as our September Charity of the Month.

Thank you for joining us in giving back and making a difference.
We couldn't do it without each and every one of you.
Austin & Brittany Petrik