Cardboard Confessionals Book


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Cardboard Confessionals Book - Roseabella
Cardboard Confessionals Book - Roseabella

Local author, Mitch Reed, has a desire to help others understand the battles students face each and every day.

This is a MUST READ for all parents & educators.

About the Book:
Conversation is a constant in our lives, but we often don’t have enough meaningful conversations, even among the people with whom we interact every day. Listening leads to understanding. Understanding leads to the capability to support. 

People, especially students, find themselves battling the odds day in and day out. Many are faced with mountains of adversity and left to fend for themselves. What these people are looking for is someone to have confidence in them. They are looking for support and someone who cares. People can have mass amounts of power with how supportive they are and how much they care.

Join Mitch in an effort to understand and support students by exploring the variety of experiences and backgrounds confessed through a cardboard box.

Meet the Author:
Mitch Reed has been in education for 10 years as high school teacher, college instructor, coach, and administrator, currently serving as the superintendent of the Florence School District. Mitch is currently working on his doctorate for educational leadership.

In an effort to better understand and support his students, Mitch asked a series of questions that students could answer anonymously through a cardboard box. Based on his students’ answers, Mitch wrote the book Cardboard Confessionals to share their stories and inspire others.

After the positive response of his book, Mitch decided to further share messages of inspiration through becoming a motivational speaker and podcaster. He has since spoken to over 100 groups around the Midwest, sharing ideas on relationship-building, success, and gratitude.

In 2019, Mitch was nominated for and received the Act of Excellence award from the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

Cardboard Confessionals Book - Roseabella
Cardboard Confessionals Book - Roseabella