Oopsie Shower Steamer


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These Shower Steamers are Oopsie Steamers!

Our steamer gal hired new workers and they made a few mistakes while learning how to make shower steamers, so we helped her out by taking all her Oopsie Steamers!

They're special in their own way: some are dented, some are squished, some are mis-colored, but they still serve the same purpose!

Oopsie Steamers can also be placed in the bath and used as "bath steamers"

All shower steamers are hand-made with pure essential oils. 

Directions: Place the steamer in the back of the shower, not directly under the shower spray, but where it will still get splashed by the hot water.

You may also place on a Shower Steamer Tray and set on the ledge of the shower. Using a tray will increase the life of a steamer!

**Assorted colors and scents**Not eligible for returns or exchanges**