Women Helping Women

We started our Women Helping Women initiative to provide women in need with their very own shopping experience.

Roseabella ladies donate lightly used clothing & we provide them for women in need. Many of these women only have the clothes on their back. Some women come here after getting out of jail & some after leaving a home of domestic violence.

These women walk in the store feeling uncertain, some even guarded, & this experience completely transforms them. We can hear them laughing & see them smiling, as clothes are flying out of the fitting rooms. Many times we hear, “This is so much fun! I haven’t had fun like this in a long time!”

All of this is provided at no cost to the women.

Women Helping Women is more than just donating clothes to women in need; it’s about building confidence & giving these women a safe space to feel seen & heard. Many of them share their stories with us & tell us about the new life they’re building.

We are so honored to partner with Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars & Beacon Center to make all of this possible🫶🏼

It’s a true honor to provide this for women in our community.
Thank you for joining us in Giving Back today & every day💜